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Sunday, January 27, 2013

And then there were four....

On December 5th I went into the ER. I was having severe pains in my stomach. I was diagnosed with Ovary Torsion. I went in for Surgery the next day. They gave me a blood pregnancy test and it came back negative.

On December 21st, I was still ridiculously nauseated, i could smell things from a mile away, and I was losing weight. This to me...could only mean one thing. I took a jaunt down to the grocery store    on my lunch break and bought a pregnancy test. I was going to wait...but i couldn't. I slipped into the bathroom and took the test. BAM! Instantly POSITIVE! I freaked. i had a perma-smile the rest of the day. Although being pregnant this soon after Mina is dangerous, having surgery while being 4 weeks pregnant and not knowing about it is dangerous, and being deathly ill for the next 5 months is not fun. A baby is a blessing. And that makes me happy. I didn't have a miscarriage, i didn't have  an ectopic, and I got pregnant on one Fallopian tube and a torsed ovary. That my friends is a friggin miracle in my book.

This baby was originally due August 8th, then August 20, then September 24th (the docs were confused by my surgery, and didn't want to do an ultrasound too early.)

The baby is officially due AUGUST 16th , 2013. 4 days before Josie's birthday. Which is rad.

Mina i feel may not like this baby at first,she loves being the center of attention, but as time moves i hope that they are besties!!

Well that is our awesome news. I wish all my friends their own miracles, dreams, and wishes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so its been a while

obviously the everyday thing was just a wee bit too much. soooo. i am going to photo dump the heck out of you and update you on miss Mina Moo. These are completely out of order. But this is everything from the first week of February on....

Mina LOVES bath time. If she is sad, we give her a bath, and now she is better.

This is from her newborns when she was 7 days old.

this is from when she was two months old. isn't the contrast crazy? she is huge!

This is just a bunch of her goofy faces haha.

Valentine's Day

Her 2 month appointment..more on that in a minute

We went to Maddox with Tiff and Brandon and Wes fell asleep while we were waiting to be seated

She has such a chubby neck she was starting to get sores we had to put special meds on it!

She loves her bumbo! Thanks Nicole!

sleeping on daddy while he plays video games

Mina currently refuses to sleep anywhere but her carseat and/or swing

Mina loves Tiffany!!

I don't know if you can tell...but she has VERY long eyelashes!

This was taken today 3/20 ... she is such a chub. She smiles ALL the time

This is Mina in a cute sweater from Bolivia. It was a gift from Kirana and Niki

Mina loves her hat from Alyson

This is also from valentines day!

So Stats: here goes:

She is currently 13.5 pounds least she was like 2 weeks ago...i am sure she is much heavier.
She was last measured at 22.5 inches

  • she did get the was very sad. She was not so happy at that time.
  • she LOVES her playmat. She will play with the toys for literally hours.
  • she loves walks in the stroller
  • she is very smiley. she especially enjoys when Wes or i tickle her feet. 
  • she is loving the bumbo.
  • last Saturday Wes and I took Mina to build a bear and got her a happy feet penguin, Wes named him Travis lol. 
  • mina loves Rupert. Everytime he comes by her she smiles and Rupert is never far from her. If she is in her bouncy seat and I walk into the next room he quickly goes to her side to watch her.
  • she currently drinks 4 oz every 2 hours on the dot...about once or twice a day she wants 6 oz.
  • she sleeps from 10 or 11 pm-6 am almost every night.
  • she is a drooler and bubble blower
  • she talks like there is no tomorrow. 
  • she loves to sit up on our laps when we read to her

Well that's about it for now! We love this baby sooo much!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 3

Today I met G-Pa for the first time! It was lots of fun. We also went out to eat at Gaucho Grill. Nana and G-pa had fun with me. Uncle Travis came up for a while as well.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2

Today is groundhog day! 6 more weeks of winter. Mom and i went to hang out with dad on campus and then we came home. The Reisers (our neighbors) came over and held me for a while so did Auntie Alyson. Tomorrow nana and g-pa are coming!

Feb 1

Today I went and got my pictures done in my blessing dress at the mall. Then Dad and mom played games. Dad also thought it would be funny to put a mustache on me. i think i pulled it off pretty well.

Jan 31

Today Nanny came to visit me! We went to the store and she bought me some cute outfits. Then we went to pick daddy up from school. After dinner mom and dad took me to get Aggie Ice Cream. I didn't get any but it sure looked yummy.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Today mom and i watched a movie, cleaned the house, and cooked some dinner. When dad got home we ate dinner then i went to Aggie Ice Cream for my first time. That was a lot of fun!! Tomorrow my nanny is coming to hang out with me! Today i have been alive for one month!!!